Techstars Startup Weekend Amsterdam Online
29-31 January 2021
Techstars Startup Weekends are 54-hour events designed to provide superior experiential education for technical and non-technical entrepreneurs. Beginning with Friday night pitches, the event continues through brainstorming, business plan development, and basic prototype creation, culminating in Sunday night demos and presentations.

If you've ever been to a Techstars Startup Weekend, you know it's one of the most thrilling 54 hours you can imagine. You experience the highs, lows, fun, and pressures that make up life at a startup. As you work, you'll meet the very best mentors, investors and sponsors — all who are ready to help you refine your idea.

A Techstars Startup Weekend Online takes the best of our in-person experience and amplifies it with the scope and reach of the best digital tools available.
Learn, Network, Startup
Event Organisers
Christian Jantz
Christian never fit into traditional careers. He almost failed high school and quitting his first job only 5 months in. After that he completely changed course and discovered startup world. Since then he helped multiple startups grow by 10x as a scrum master, helped develop innovation strategies for corporations and trains people on how to innovate for fortune 100 companies.
Simone van Neerven
Simone left a successful corporate career in 2018 to found her own company reBella. She currently supports organisations in their innovation journeys. Simone defines innovation as having your head in the clouds and keeping your feet on the ground at the same time. She has found practical ways to do this, and along the way learned that the most crucial key to success is the team. But how does she do that? By bringing together the right mix of techies, service designers, and business experience. By letting go to unlock the hidden talent. By not tolerating an 'I win, you lose' attitude. By falling in love with problems. By helping each team member to create a growth mindset. And so much more!
Fiona Fromental
Fiona is a Yoga Teacher based in Amsterdam. She spent her childhood between the sea and mountains of South of France, and she has been inspired by a healthy lifestyle since her very young age. She lived in several countries across the globe, and it's in Bali that she fell in love with yoga, where she decided to stay to learn the practice. She is determined to encourage people to cultivate their best self without forcing the steps, and to share the harmony and joy that yoga has brought into her life.

See you on the mat!


Christophe Leray
Christophe encountered the art of mindfulness and meditation after he took a break from his IT job. As he was traveling the world, he combined this passion and love for the ocean to become a Freediving instructor in Indonesia for few years. He became well-versed in how the body and mind are intricately connected, and use this technique on daily basis to simply live better and healthier.

He currently combines his 2 passions:
- Digital transformation and nocode consultant
- Freediving instructor and breathing/mediation coach
Selected by the organising team to help you throughout the weekend
Pete Christianson
Pete is the Founder of Smalk Works Consulting Agency, Entrepreneur in Residence at Peak Capital, and the Co-Director of Startup Grind Amsterdam.

He specializes in Product Strategy for Startups.

Lubomila Jordanova
Lubomila Jordanova is the founder and CEO of PlanA.Earth, a Berlin-based startup developing an algorithm which predicts where and how climate change will hit the hardest and a SaaS platform that helps businesses calculate, monitor and reduce their emissions. She also recently founded the Greentech Alliance, a community of 500+ startups which are connected to over 350+ advisors from VC, media and business, who help them monthly with advice and feedback. Prior to Plan A, she worked in investment banking, venture capital and fintech in Asia and Europe. She was recently announced as Marshall Fund Fellow for 2021 and 30 under 30 Social Entrepreneur for 2020 by Forbes and Entrepreneur to watch in Germany.
Daniel Palmer
Daniel is the Managing Partner of Idealic Digital.

Idealic Digital helps startups and scaleups understand opportunities through the lenses of desirability, viability, and feasibility so they can navigate the digital landscape.
Ophélie Dubois
Innovator, facilitator and coach, Ophélie is known for her restless and contagious energy. Her purpose is to ignite the fire in people to take action and drive positive change. She has a background in humanities, business and innovation. After developing innovation programs within global corporations, she decided to bring her expertise to coach entrepreneurs and run applied entrepreneurship training or workshops. She loves to be at the crossroads between multidisciplinary fields and people, connecting the dots to make an impact together.
Esther O'Callaghan
From being the first female DJ/producer to own a specialist vinyl store in Manchester's Northern Quarter, producing major international festivals and events to now running a fast growing start up HR tech platform, hundo, Tech Netherlands Advocates, part of Global Tech Advocates and a NED portfolio (with some waitressing, window cleaning and IronMan training in between) it's been a unique career bringing 20+ years experience across UK Govt, Local Authority, CSR & D&I, the arts, culture, music and third sectors, tackling youth unemployment, homelessness, self harm, suicide and poverty, resulting in hundreds of thousands of children and young people supported nationally.
Andres Campo
Meet Andres! He is a lecturer at the Rotterdam Business School where he teaches Entrepreneurship, & Digital Marketing.

Andres has been involved in multiple initiatives in the Startup ecosystem in the Netherlands and Colombia. He is also a founder himself, and now fully focuses on Andres can help you with marketing, product strategy, value proposition design.
Dmitrij Żatuchin
Dmitrij is a founder and CEO of DO OK, a technology and software development company which has been ranked in Deloitte's Fast50 with 710% growth over the four past years. Dmitrij and the company is driven by its mission to help create a sustainable future, which he believes will be facilitated through the informed use of software.After 10 years' trading, DO OK's work for more than 100 clients has already positively affected millions of people. Privately, he is a father of two, follower of positive psychology, sauna-practitioner, and amateur music player.
Elie Casamitjana
Elie is the founder and Managing Director of ikiōm, a business consulting boutique helping leaders translate their most ambitious goals into an action plan. He leverages on more than 10 years managing and growing teams and product lines in the digital and tech industry. Elie also supports and connects high potential start-ups with advisory, coaching, mentoring, and early-stage investments.
Manuela Krull-Mancinelli
Manuela has 25 years of experience in Digital Transformation and Innovation. With her passion for anything that is 'new', she loves to study the impact of new technologies on business and society. In 2011, she founded KrullSolutions and has been supporting organisations with their Digital Transformation and Innovation challenges and giving 1-1 coaching sessions to startup founders and corporate managers. She is in the process of founding the first online and onsite Innovation Hub in the province of Flevoland.
Jeanet Lin
Jeanet is an impact-driven entrepreneur, an active community builder, and a connector who aims to bring more diversity and inclusion through collaboration to the startup community. Jeanet is the Community Lead at @TNW Spaces and also the founder and lead ambassador for the Amsterdam chapter of @Future Females - a global female entrepreneur organization and partner to RISE initiative by Startup Amsterdam, where both exist to increase the number of female entrepreneurs. She's also a seasoned SW community lead.

As a previous 1st prize winner at a Techstars Startup Weekend, she's now the founder of an AI-driven digital health startup, Food For Gut - a brainchild born out of her frustrations living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) - with a mission to empower 1 billion IBS patients to take back control of their body. Food For Gut recently won 'The Ultimate Game Changer' award at the Women in AI WAIAccelerate pitch finals in November 2020. Recently, she's also been recognized among the brightest AI leaders in Amsterdam to watch in 2021 by Silicon Canals.
Pank Seelen
Hi, my name is Pank Seelen and I work at KPMG's innovation team. In this role I coach, inspire and support colleagues in turning their ideas into actual solutions. This by leading design sprints, business model canvas sessions and innovation workshops. Additionally, I'm managing our partnership with The Next Web, and support startups in their community by providing knowledge, expertise and network access. Digital technologies and bringing new ideas to life in a fast changing and complex environment is what I'm passionate about. I'm currently exploring how I can use my broad experiences in innovation and entrepreneurship beyond the borders of KPMG, while simultaneously growing my network with interesting like-minded people.
Simon Jimenez
Simon is a Designer and Innovator passionate about the interplay of human understanding, business opportunities and design. He is experienced in finding the most creative methods to understand people and in translating insights into viable strategies and experiences that add value to people's lives. Simon is currently working as Innovation Manager in ABN AMRO.
Orkun Özbatur
Orkun is a Senior Product Manager in Amazon, managing a global product portfolio in marketplace business, focusing on improving seller onboarding process. He has led a variety of products in different stages of user life-cycle; from brand awareness to onboarding, sale conversion to loyalty. Orkun also leads the Luxembourg chapter of the Founder Institute along with Amsterdam chapter support; he works closely with early-stage entrepreneurs turning their ideas into sustainable businesses. Orkun is a mentor and speaker in Product School, sharing his experiences with aspiring professionals to develop their soft and hard skills in product management.
Joy van Baren
Joy is a passionate Product/UX professional with a strong track record of creating business impact. Understanding user needs and falling in love with the problem (not the solution) are in her DNA. She is a fan of the lean startup method and knows how to make this entrepeneurial approach work in different environments, from agency to large corporates. Ask her anything about user/customer research, riskiest assumptions, rapid prototyping and guerilla market validation.
Laura Di Santolo
Laura Di Santolo is the Managing Director and one of the Co-founders of Forward Incubator, a foundation offering entrepreneurship programs for people with a refugee background. Driven to reach more and more newcomers worldwide with top-notch business and entrepreneurship education, she pushes her team every day to go the extra mile. Her main goal is to support 1000 newcomers by 2022 to start their own business, allowing them to achieve economic independence for themselves, their families and the communities they live in. She holds a double MSc. degree from Rotterdam School of Management and Vienna University of Economics and Business in International Management. She recently won the Alumni of the year award for her work at Forward Incubator via CEMS, the global alliance for management education.
Patrick Klink
Patrick Klink is the founder of ONBRDNG and a seasoned international digital pioneer. When he started in 1995, the digital global village really was only a village. His experiences make Patrick one of the most sought-after digital transformation and growth experts. (Re)building companies from traditional businesses into all-round digital companies. Before ONBRDNG, Patrick was the Director of Product and Technology at RTL. He was also co-founder of Legian Consulting & Network Services, where he supported a number of companies as Chief of Product/Data/Tech or CTO. Patrick serves as a supervisory board member and provides venture capital for a number of scale-ups.
Elianne Oei
Elianne (or Eli) is an idealist, mother of 2, entrepreneur and investor. She started her career in strategy consulting at Deloitte in the Netherlands. Since then, she has worked across countries, cultures, continents and industries on complex problems and major turnarounds, requiring organisational insight, strong analytical skills and stakeholder engagement. An adventurer at heart she lives to explore and travel, both through work (aka serious fun) and play (aka fun). She loves to combine human centred leadership with wicked questions and human needs, so impact investing made 100% sense to her. And seeing the equity game playing out, she knew there had to be another way. Now she is growing EPIC - Exponential Positive Impact Capital. EPIC is on a mission to accelerate impact through democratizing investments and brings impact driven startups and investors together for long term and sustainable impact-funding and development, in a collaborative, constructive way, leveraging the revenue based financing instrument. EPIC stands for aligned incentives, collaboration and impact first. Because the world has a big to-do list and we can all make an impact, especially entrepreneurs. If not us, who?
Anna C. Mallon
Driven by a passion for education, innovation and entrepreneurship, Anna C. Mallon has almost 20 years of experience transforming global startup innovation, education and marketing businesses across Europe and Southeast Asia. She is a former investor and accelerator lead, multiple founder, pitch coach and startup mentor who was based out of Singapore for the past 15 years. Anna is now based out of Amsterdam in her role as Senior Startup & Ecosystem Business Developer at Amazon Web Services, where she supports the mission towards helping startup customers launch, grow and scale.
Mayank Yadav
Mayank Yadav is a Product Manager at Facebook based out of their HQ in Menlo Park, California. He is a part of the Facebook marketplace product team building an online platform to connect buyers with sellers globally. He specializes in building two sided marketplaces and has previously worked with Uber and ebay along with advising startups globally.
Maurice Bakker
Maurice is an entrepreneur with 3 successes (exits) and 12 failures. He love building ecosystems around talents, which is why he founded StartupUtrecht in 2013 (who is one of the founding partners of StartupDelta) believing that the only way forward is to pay it forward. Maurice firmly believes that our ecosystem does not support talent enough to take a leap, and on that vision he co-founded a venture builder in 2014 where he exited in 2018. Since then Maurice has been focused on injecting entrepreneurial thinking into regional ecosystems, to help support more tech peeps to become entrepreneurs.

But more and most importantly: married for 18 years with the most beautiful lady in the world, proud father of an 8-year old daughter.

Maurice is also ambassador for 4Ocean, for which he organizes cleanup dives, and helped them to raise funding in Europe. We need to clean our oceans, beaches, lakes and rivers. Do not litter!

Marianne Nieuwenhuis
Marianne works as the Business CFO of Group Innovation at ABN AMRO. Prior to her current role at ABN AMRO, she has held several financial management positions within various organizations, after initially starting her career within Royal Philips.

She is passionate about what drives value and success of companies and teams. With her enormous amount of curiosity, she is trying to figure out what is the team's license to operate, what is achievable and where improvements are possible. This can vary from having the right team, culture, strategy or technical base to drive performance.

On the personal side, Marianne lives with her spouse and three sons in Amsterdam. In her free time, she is a board member at Theater de Omval, a theatre in Diemen and enjoys reading and doing sports (ice-skating, hiking).
Tech Tools
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Event Schedule
Friday 29th - Sunday 31st
Global Startup Weekend Partners
Google for Startups
Google Cloud Platform helps startups build web/mobile apps and is offering participants $300 in credit to build their apps (link can be found here). Teams can use Google Trends + Market Finder to test if there is a growing demand for their product and in which markets.

> $300 USD in cloud platform credit
> Register at
GoDaddy Registry
GoDaddy Registry provides a domain name that many innovators and entrepreneurs all over the world use. As part of our partnership, each participant can register a free domain name with GoDaddy Registry (.co, .us, .biz). Read more here. Redemption codes will be given to participants by the organizing team.

> 1 x free GoDaddy Registry domain, per person
> Participants can redeem the code from:

For more information, visit GoDaddy Registry's site or reach out to
Prize Sponsor
The Techstars Startup Weekend Amsterdam team is grateful for the support of local community partners without whom this event would not be possible.

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