Techstars Startup Weekend Lagos (Ikeja)
20-22 August 2021
Techstars Startup Weekends are 54-hour events designed to provide superior experiential education for technical and non-technical entrepreneurs. Beginning with Friday night pitches, the event continues through brainstorming, business plan development, and basic prototype creation, culminating in Sunday night demos and presentations.

Participants create working startups during the event and are able to collaborate with like-minded individuals outside of their daily networks. All teams hear talks by industry leaders and receive valuable feedback from local entrepreneurs. The weekend is centered around action, innovation, and education.

Whether you are looking for feedback on an idea, a co-founder, specific skill sets, or a team to help you execute, Techstars Startup Weekends are the perfect environment in which to test your idea and take the first steps towards launching your own startup.
Learn, Network, Startup
Daniel Chinagozi
Daniel Chinagozi Is a Tech Entrepreneur. Founder and CEO Innovation Growth Hub, Passionate about using technology to Grow communities and Small Businesses. He sits on the board of a number of organisations including AFRILAB. He has facilitated and organized more than 8 Startup Weekends locally and internationally
Selected by the organising team to help you throughout the weekend
Ezechukwu Emereuwaonu
Technical Account Manager at Flutterwave
Eze Victor
Chief Executive Officer at Kaiglo
Lanre Akomolafe
Lanre is a Partner and Chief Product & Innovation Officer at Prunedge. He has spent the better part of the last 7 years innovating and proffering solutions to various organisational challenges. He has garnered a wealth of experience around leadership, technology and digital strategy, digital transformation, process transformation and user experience transformation.

He has led teams across various regions including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Singapore amongst others delivering multi million dollar projects for Fortune 500 companies. He has contributed to multiple thought leadership publications on topical 21st century themes such as Cybersecurity, Fintech, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation, User Experience Transformation and the Future of work.
Daniel Nnatus
Daniel Nnatus Emea, a Nigerian with a great passion for Postive Growth especially among young minds.
His quest and desire lead to the founding of "Emerald", a small group of young teenagers aimed to bring change into our dying world.
Mr Daniel is well know for his stand on Excellence, Dedication and Goals Accomplishment.
A season speaker and Life Coach
Abisola Ajuwon
Abisola Ajuwon (Mrs.) is a certified professional in Data Analytics with a specialization in Data Modeling, Data Cleaning, Data Visualization, Data Warehousing, Big Data tools and technologies and business transformation using Business Intelligence Solutions. She is a certified Senior Big Data Analyst by the Data Science Council of America with vast experience in business and the financial sector. She has leveraged advanced analytical tools for data aggregation, data modeling, prediction systems and reporting. She has a detailed understanding of customer churn and users segmentation into areas such as CVM, retention, churn, product management and development. She helps companies in the retail, finance and manufacturing sectors to understand their data better by deriving meaningful insights to help improve productivity and take measures where necessary. She is passionate about data and how the adequate use of data can transform businesses and organizations hereby improving efficiency and productivity. She currently works as the Manager, Data Analytics and Business Development at Hostloni, a web hosting and domain services company.
Bukola Oluyadi
Bukola Oluyadi Experienced and result-oriented Senior Management Executive with demonstrated experience in Marketing and Corporate Communications, Marketing Management and Customer Service Management from a career that has spanned 20 years. Skilled in Communications, Marketing Management, Change Management, Budgeting, Business Planning, Strategic Partnerships and Operations Management. Strong professional with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) focused in Entrepreneurship from the University of Liverpool.
Tope Akinwunmi
Tope Akinwunmi is an award-winning consultant with several years of professional experience advising multinational companies on complex and challenging situations to accelerate growth and create efficiency. Tope has a wealth of experience in analyzing organisations finances and advising on best practices.

Over the last 3 years, he has focused on scaling businesses into more strategic, global organisations.

He uses SQL, Microsoft Excel, Google Data Studio, R, Tableau and Microsoft PowerPoint at an advanced level.

He is an avid reader and he plays the guitar.

Bola Afuye
As a growth expert, I am highly skilled in Digital Marketing, Digital Product Development, Product Marketing, Customer Insight, Customer Analytics and Big Data. Over the last couple of years, I have successfully brought to market several innovative services in Nigeria like 9Mobile's API Program, RCS, 9Pay, Google Direct Carrier Billing on the Android Playstore, Facebook Flex, Cloud9 Music, Naija Games Store and hundreds of other services. Many of these services have successfully 10X'd and several have been unique or first to market.

With over 16 years' experience, I am a first-class graduate in Management Sciences and Information Systems from The University of Dublin (Trinity College) and have an Executive MBA from the Quantic School of Business and Technology. I have also completed the Executive Program in Leadership and Innovation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Executive Program on Digital Marketing Strategies from the Cambridge Judge Business School.

A wife and mum of three, I am a passionate innovator with vast multi region experience with a penchant for asking questions!

Benjamin Ikade
As a brand and Ideation Consultant I basically help in ideation and revamping of brands to create a profitable portfolio for increase in sales and Market authority.

A Digital marketing Strategist passionate about helping brands and businesses create and manage digital presence using various digital tools and platforms. I also oversee and ensure the growth of social media accounts across various sectors as well as the development of strategic media campaigns for different brands.

Benjamin Ikade
Benjamin Ikade is a brand strategist with over 7years in marketing. He currently works as a digital strategist with a company that is a subsidiary of Premium E-Commerce Support Services (PESS).

He has extensive experience in digital marketing, Branding, Team management and business development.

As a brand strategist, He helps in ideation and revamping of brands to create a profitable portfolio for increase in sales and Market authority.
Evans Akanno
In the last decade, I've been working independently, with product teams, startups, and financial institutions across Africa to design and ship digital experiences that are beautiful and easy to use. I specialise in solving business problems with design, collaboration and thoughtful attention to detail. My expertise spans a wide range of areas; from UX research to ideation, branding, and innovation.
Bayo Akande
Bayo Akande is a serial entrepreneur with a rich experience straddling technology, media and entertainment. He is the Founder and CEO of Orb Solutions, a full-service technology company that specialises in the areas of managed technology services, IT support as well as web and mobile app development. Orb, under his leadership has successfully developed financial trading platforms, e-commerce marketplaces, university management systems and mobile applications for corporate multinationals like Total E & P Nigerian limited.

He also founded West Midlands CBT Ltd., a technology services company in 2013. This company is positioned to disrupt the way in which examinations are currently conducted in Nigeria. Its solutions are already being deployed in two cities – Lagos and Ibadan across a network of thousands of computers. It conducts examinations Nigeria's premier University- the University of Ibadan, National Open University of Nigeria, JAMB amongst others. The company, under Bayo's leadership has successfully tested roughly half a million students electronically.

Bayo made a pivot into the media/entertainment space, and co-founded two radio stations, Splash FM and Lagelu FM with a combined daily listenership of about 2.5 million people. He continues to serve as a director on the board of these radio stations.

Bayo made a foray into public service when he was appointed as the Special Adviser to the Oyo State Governor on Information Communications Technology and E-Governance in 2019. In his role, he is responsible for technology development and growth in Oyo state and digitising the state's public service processes. He is also the Director General of the Oyo State Infrastructure Maintenance and Regulatory Agency, where he oversees all telecoms and utility infrastructure regulation in the state.
Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata
Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata Jnr. "CFA", is co-founder of GoDo Hub, and Founder Institute's Regional Director for Africa. On the media front, CFA actively promotes the African tech ecosystem through his multi-award winning platforms namely, Tech Trends on Channels TV and ICT Clinic in the Punch newspapers.
Event Schedule
Friday 20 - Sunday 22
Learn the Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
Demo Day
Global Startup Weekend Partners
Google for Startups
Google Cloud Platform helps startups build web/mobile apps and is offering participants $300 in credit to build their apps (link can be found here). Teams can use Google Trends + Market Finder to test if there is a growing demand for their product and in which markets.

> $300 USD in cloud platform credit
> Register at
GoDaddy Registry
GoDaddy Registry provides a domain name that many innovators and entrepreneurs all over the world use. As part of our partnership, each participant can register a free domain name with GoDaddy Registry (.co, .us, .biz). Read more here. Redemption codes will be given to participants by the organizing team.

> 1 x free GoDaddy Registry domain, per person
> Participants can redeem the code from:

For more information, visit GoDaddy Registry's site or reach out to
Local Sponsors and Partners
The Techstars Startup Weekend Lagos(Ikeja) team is grateful for the support of local community partners without whom this event would not be possible.
Is this event for me?
If you are interested in entrepreneurship the answer is most likely yes. Whether you are a serial entrepreneur or new to the startup scene, you'll fit right in as long as you are motivated to build a product or startup and open to new ideas. We believe that great ideas can come from anywhere.

The event is intended to be a collaborative and inclusive forum for sharing, learning, building,

and having fun. We expect each member of the startup community to be inclusive of all people and their ideas at Techstars Startup Weekend and we welcome all, regardless of experience, industry or background.

Do I have to participate in all three days?
Apart from the organizing team, mentors, speakers, event volunteers and judges, everyone who participates in the event is expected to participate in all three days. This is important not only to preserve your own learning experience, but also to minimize distractions or disruptions for the team you choose to join. We welcome any friends, family or colleagues you would like to invite to watch your final presentation to see all you have accomplished in just one weekend. Please check the registration page of your city's website or reach out to the event organizer for availability.
How do I register?
Every Techstars Startup Weekend event has a corresponding website with a registration page. Please see our events page at for a complete list of upcoming events. There are typically different types of tickets for different skill sets, like 'Business', 'Designer', 'Technical' or 'Enthusiast' for example. Organizing teams sometimes track this to ensure they do outreach to a diverse group with a range of participant backgrounds and skill sets in order to maximize the event's value for each participant by ensuring the team's effectiveness. You can choose the ticket type closest to what your experience is - don't worry if nothing precisely matches your background!
Do I need a team?
Everyone who attends the event as an attendee is expected to come to the event without a team and then join and participate on a team at the event. This is important to preserve the Techstars Startup Weekend educational experience. The ideal team consists of members with diverse backgrounds and experience who share knowledge to build a great minimum viable product (MVP) using the Lean Canvas. The more people you have on your team to help you do market research and business model development, the quicker you'll develop an MVP to pitch on Sunday.
What ticket type should I purchase to pitch an idea?
Pitching is open to every participant! We recommend you purchase the ticket that best represents your skill set.
Still can't find what you're looking for? Check out the our full Participant FAQ here
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